PP Needle Punched Fabric

PP Needle Punched Fabric

Weed block for landscaped garden beds, Landscape fabric prevents soil erosion.

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needle punched fabric

Needle punched fabric is the most effective fabric weed control product on the market today. They are made from 100% woven polypropylene then needle punched to aid in permeability and capillary action. Water exchanges rates are up to 10 gallons per minute per square foot. It comes with UV resistance for long term exposure to the sun. 98% blockage of light makes it suitable for the weed control problems and is installed with or without erosion anchor pins. Contains a stripe every 12” for planting layouts on a hillside.

weed barrier
geotextile fabric

1. Cover crops in the ground surface, prevent weeds and against the insect.
2. Controlling soil humidity and the temperature
3. Does not affect the growth of the crops
4. Protects plants from harmfully solar radiation
5. Air permeability, water permeability help crops growth.
6. Mothproof, eco-friendly, breathable, anti-bacteria, tear-resistant, fusible

needle punch nonwoven
Product ?PP Needle Punched Fabric
Weight ?60gsm-400gsm?(2oz/sm – 14oz/sm)
Width ?0.5m-6m (1.6’?-20’)
Length ?5m,10m,20m,25m,50m (16’, 33’, 65’) or?as?required
Material ?100%?PP?material
Color ?Black,Green,Black-green?or?as?required
Packing ?In?rolls?with?paper?core?inside?and?polybag?outside?or?in Carton or ?as?your?request.
needle punched non woven fabric

1. Weed block for landscaped garden beds
2. Permeable liners for planters (stops soil erosion)
3. Weed control under wooden decking
4. Geotextile for separating aggregate / soils under walkway blocks or bricks
5. Assists in preventing paving from settling unevenly
6. Landscape fabric prevents soil erosion

non woven geotextile fabric application
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