Plant Protection Fleece

Plant Protection Fleece

Polypropylene Nonwoven Fabric Plant Frost Protection Fleece

General Details


This garden fleece is suitable to protect plants from frost.?Good quality plant protection fleece?in?covering all crops vegetables seedlings, bedding plants, plants in pots from frost for the winter months. 10-30gsm gram weight can be placed directly over established plants veges shrubs with no frame required.

Frost Fleece

Our fabrics are tested by computerized equipments for strike through and wet back values. Also, both hydrophobic and hydrophilic polypropylene fabric grades are available.
·It generates a microclimate that favors uniform crop growth.
·Anti-frost function, preventing freezing in autumn crops.
·It requires no installation structure, as it is a very light material.
·Its micro porosity makes it permeable to water and wind, allowing treatment and irrigation of the crops directly. Does not absorb water.
·Reduces UV exposure
·Increases the duration of the season and its production.
·The protection provided allows crops to grow without the use of pesticides and herbicides.
·Increased productivity and quality of plants.

·Feature: Waterproof, eco-friendly, non-toxic, strong tensile strength, good uniformity, breathable
·Functional Treatments: Hydrophilic,Anti-UV, Anti-static, Anti-bacterial

Plant Frost Protection Fleece
Product?Plant Protection Fleece?/?Frost Fleece
Material100% Virgin Polypropylene
Width?600 mm ~2400mm (max 2.4m, can be cut into any size)
Length?50M, 100M, 200M, as per request
Weight?10gsm ~ 30gsm, as per request
Common Size?1 x10m, 1x 15m, 1x 50m;
2 x10m, 2 x15m, 2x 50m;
1 x 100m, 1x 200m;
1.5 x 100m, 1.5 x 200m




Anti-Oxidation Nonwoven Geotextile Fabric


·Protect vegetables, strawberries, plants
·Earlier and increased harvest
·Protect against frost, snow, rain, heat, creeps, pest, birds
·Increase the growing temperature and extend the season
·Quicker and increased growing and enlarge the harvest
·Easy to install

geotextile fabric
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